Hi guys! Today i decided to write an article about friendship, what and for me, how it should be, and how they should be true friends. I hope you like it.

The friendship towards oneself is of paramount importance, because without it you can be friends with no one else.
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Love and friendship have three things in common.
Are born from the same seed: the esteem.
They grow under the same light: respect.
And to live they need the same sap: to be there.
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A true friend you recognize it immediately, it makes you burst out laughing even when you just do not want it, if you wonder how you're dissolves even the saddest thought and, just stay in his company to feel special.
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A true friend you recognize even when you are alone, because he will want to be always by your side; When you want to cry, because it will always be your shoulder; If you want a hug, it will be your pillow; If you need to be happy, it will be your smile; But at any time you'll need a friend, you will just be himself.
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Friends are the ones who help you get up, when other people didn't even know you fell.
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A friend is the most precious thing you can have, and the best thing you can be.
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A good friend is for life – a link with the past, a road to the future, the key to mental health in a world full of madmen.
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The best kind of friend is the one with which you can sit under a porch without saying a word, and little by little feel like you have made the most beautiful conversation in the world.
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This is a true friend, the one who transforms your life into a special life!
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But the true friendship is this:
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This is true friendship for me, and for you as it is and what is friendship?
I hope it inspired you.
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