I wasn't tagged but I seen this and thought it would be fun to do!

➸ A | Age: 28
➸ B | Best feature: my eyes most definitely .
➸ C | Color: green
➸ D | Deepest regret: I don't have an regrets in life, everything I've done was exactly what I wanted at the time.

➸ E | Everyday starts with: Coffee and a smoke!
➸ F | Favorite show: Supernatural, Shameless, the 100, Bates Motel, Criminal Mind, NCIS, Reckless!!
➸ G | Greatest accomplishment: Becoming a Business Owner and going to College
➸ H | Height: 61 inches + 5' 1"

➸ I | In love with: my husband.
➸ J | Job of my dreams: oh man honestly I have a lot of dream jobs, Lawyer, Detective, Bookkeeper, Accountant.
➸ K | Kids I want: I have 3
➸ L | Last thing I ate: dinner last night/steak fajitas.

➸ M | Magical power I want: to know the winning lottery numbers.
➸ N | Number of siblings: 1 sister.
➸ O | One favorite song: Thunder.
➸ P | Person I last texted: my Friend Tasha

➸ Q | Question I’m always asked: (When someone doesn't know me) "What do you do everyday?" Well Sally do you have about 5 hours to listen?
➸ R | Reasons to smile: my kids and my life
➸ S | Sexuality: Straight
➸ T | Time I wake up: 6am every morning.

➸ U | Underwear color: black
➸ V | Vacation place: I want to visit London
➸ W | Worst habit: Smoking Cigarettes .

➸ X | X-Rays I’ve had: I'm not sure of all but I know my teeth and hips
➸ Y | Your favorite drink: Coffee or Pepsi
➸ Z | Zodiac sign: Libra.

I am not tagging anyone (honestly because I am not sure, idek how people include pictures on these things) if you know please tell me!