Hi everyone! In this article I'm showing you some easy tips for a clearer skin, since I've tried them on my own face.

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If you're stressed, anxious or tired your skin will get worse, I can guarantee! Remember to sleep at least 8 hours and to relax. Sometimes chill music and a bath is all you need.

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The key to a better skin is to wash it twice a day and to apply what kind of products are better for you. In fact, every face is different and needs a special treatment. I recommend not using strong products, as they can aggravate your skin. You may need to use just a facemask once a week and a cream face twice a day, like I do.

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When you touch your face a lot and you try to crush your pimples or blackheads, they just get bigger. Try not to put too makeup too. Let your skin breath.

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Coca cola, McDonald, salami, candies, chips... Forget them! It's ok to eat them once in a while, but do not exceed. Eat a lot of fruit, vegetables and nuts instead. I suggest drinking water with fruit (or vegetables) inside of it. It's delicious, healthy and refreshing!

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here's some recipes you can try

THANK YOU for reading, I hope you will try these tips and that they will work for you too!

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You should know that the main causes of a bad skin (blackheads, acne, oily skin) are hormones. We can't control them, but luckily, if you're a teenager, keep in mind that it'll get better with time. Another cause is genetics. So, if you have a serious problem, talk to a doctor to solve it.