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My name is Bee and I'm back with another article! This one, as you can totally see, is about a few unique websites that I love to visit from time to time! As I wanted to share these websites with you, what better way to tell you all about these sites than to make an article? Anyways, enough of my babble, let's start!

1. Watch-series.com

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If you don't have Netflix subscription, there's absolutely no need to freak out. Make an account on this site and you can watch EVERY series for free! Yes, that means Teen wolf as well. All seasons of all TV shows are available here. And a bonus is that you can also download any episode you watch! Cool, right? You can say goodbye to all those darn sites full of ads and surveys and other shit.

2. Noisli.com

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This site has such a unique concept, peeps! The gist of this site is that it provides you with all those mother nature sounds like rain drops on the roof, birds singing their asses off in the morning, thunder and so many more. The purpose of this site is to help people calm themselves by listening to peaceful noises. So, next time instead of listening to Ed Sheeran's Perfect, log into this site and try something a bit different.

3. https://cloud.google.com/speech-to-text/

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This site is your knight in shining armour. I used to dread typing a hundred pages for that assignment I had to hand in tomorrow. Until my friend told me about this site. This is the site where you speak and everything will type itself. Just click on the mic button and it will start recording your lovely voice and change it into text. It will get 90% words accurate. You can correct the few wrong ones later. Remember to speak in American accent though!

4. Udemy.com

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After visiting this site, you'll probably never waste time on your laptop again. On this site you can virtually learn anything. Most of the courses are free and include video tutorials, handouts, links and useful tips. To give you an idea, my friend is currently learning French from this site and she told me it responds pretty well and is really helpful too. If you purchase a course, they'll even give you your money back if you didn't like the course in 30 days. So, give this site a try in your holidays or whenever you get bored.

5. Freepik.com

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Those of you who try to find graphics online usually end up in Google images, right? But, fear not, this site is a better alternative to Google images. This baby is filled with all types of amazing graphics and best of all, they're free to use. Just download a graphic, remove the computerized text and replace it with your own. This site is pretty helpful if you want to make banners, business cards, brochures, etc, etc.

So, lovely people, those are the five unique and helpful websites that you might want to try out sometime. Better to try them in your holidays when there's nothing but time to kill. I don't want any of you to flunk your exams or something!

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