Hey Angel,
How is it going?

Here it is :

1.Police inspector was always my dream job

Archie, Betty, and crime image aesthetic, crime scene, and fbi image

2.My celebrity crush is Shawn Mendes

shawn mendes, shawn, and mendes image shawn mendes, shawn, and australia image

3.My favourite fruit are watermelon and strawberry

summer, watermelon, and pool image food, strawberry, and fruit image

4.I love to sleep.A LOT.

bed, fashion, and girl image Temporarily removed

5.My favourite colors are blue, black and gray

blue, eyes, and eye image Image removed

6.I always wanted to write my own book and publish it

book, flowers, and music image book, coffee, and autumn image

7.I love to travel a lot

sky, travel, and sunset image Dream, travel, and world image

8.I always wanted to be a tiger

Temporarily removed animal, cute, and lion image

9.My favourite TV shows are STRANGER THINGS and 13 REASONS WHY

Temporarily removed 13 reasons why, clay, and hannah image

10.I love photographing

city, photography, and iphone image polaroid, aesthetic, and photo image