For some of us, waking up early means wandering around like a zombie until that fourth cup of coffee. To effectively wake up early you have to change your habits and become more of a morning person than you currently are.

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Have a compelling reason

If you really want to wake up early, get clear of why you want to do it.

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Cut out the stimulants that affect your sleep schedule

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caffeine and alcohol.

Find an alarm

That can be your cat (or dog) or a digital alarm clock. You can also set the alarm on your phone. Once you get into the routine, you will likely wake up automatically at around the same time without an alarm.

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Set your alarm clock 10 minutes earlier than normal

Select the time when you want to get up and set the alarm 10 minutes earlier, so you will have time to wake up.

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Get out of the bed once you hear the alarm

Hitting your alarm’s snooze button doesn’t give you more of the restful sleep. Your body and mind aren’t recuperating youíre just wasting time. Before you know it, you will be awake and ready to start the day.

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Make a transition

If you always wake up at 11am, waking up immediately at 6am the next day wouldn't be good. Start off by improving your waking time by 30 min each day until you reach your goal.

Mentally prepare yourself to wake up early

Run through your morning routine in your head so that you have a game plan for the early hours.

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Work on the goal with someone

If you have a friend who wants to wake up early too, this will give you more motivation to wake up early. If you know someone who is an early riser, get inspiration from their lifestyle.

Start a nighttime routine

The routine can consist of showering, drinking warm milk, listening to classical music, or doing relaxing exercises such as yoga or Pilates. If you read, make sure to read without any bright lights.

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Turn off the lights about an hour before you go to sleep

Try to turn off TV, laptop and the mobile phone like an hour before you want to go to sleep. The human body naturally stops producing melatonin when it is exposed to light which is why it is recommended to turn off your phone an hour before bed. After turning off your alarm in the morning, open your windows to let some natural light in or turn your room light on to help wake you up.

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