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This time I am going to do the "ABC tag" that my friend Caylie tagged me in. I don't know who created this article, so if anyone knows please let me know.

You can find Caylie's article and account down below ➷

➸ A | Age: 22 - soon 23, yay.

➸ B | Best feature: My hair, eyes, eyebrows, breasts, lips, nose and legs.

➸ C | Color: All shades of blue.

➸ D | Deepest regret: I don't regret anything in my life. Everything happens for a reason. All the mistakes we make is actually good, even tho it might sound weird. We learn from our mistakes and it make us grow as a person. A stronger, wiser and better human.

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➸ E | Everyday starts with: Go out on a walk with my dog.

➸ F | Favorite show: I watch many tv-shows. I'm just waiting for new episodes to be released zzz. But I have to say that Stranger Things is my favorite at the moment.

➸ G | Greatest accomplishment: I think that I accomplishment with a lot in my life. I am happy and with almost everything.

➸ H | Height: Okay so, I only know this in centimeters and meters. I'm 1.64 and that's a average height - not too short, not too tall.

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➸ I | In love with: I am not in love with any guy at the moment, but I do love many other things such as my family, friends, my cat and my dog.

➸ J | Job of my dreams: My dream job is to be a psychologist because I want to help people who struggle with depression. It doesn't necessarily have to be depression, it can be for other reasons too. I simply just want to help them.

➸ K | Kids I want: I would love to have two kids. If I can pick, one girl and one boy. But I will love them no matter what gender they are.

➸ L | Last thing I ate: A kiwi fruit drink.

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➸ M | Magical power I want: Read minds.

➸ N | Number of siblings: Two half sisters.

➸ O | One favorite song: I can't respond to this question because it's impossible for me to pick one.

➸ P | Person I last texted: Rebecca, my best friend.

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➸ Q | Question I’m always asked: (When someone doesn't know me) "How old are you?" "What do you work with?" "Are you single?" "What are your hobbies?" "Where do you live?" "Do you want to go out for a fika? (something only a swede would understand, lol)"

➸ R | Reasons to smile: There is so many reasons to smile.

➸ S | Sexuality: Heterosexual. (It is a romantic attraction between the opposite gender)

➸ T | Time I wake up: I have to wake up at 7am everyday during the weeks because I have work. I even have to wake up at 7-8am when I don't have work because I have to take my dog out early in the mornings.

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➸ U | Underwear color: I usually always wear white, gray and black underwears. But sometimes I can even wear colorful ones, so that's difficult to say.

➸ V | Vacation place: Definitely The United States. Totally in love with it.

➸ W | Worst habit: My worst habit is that I get addicted to things really easily. It can be anything really. I also talk too much and can say/write things without thinking.

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➸ X | X-Rays I’ve had: Oboy, too many times. I'm a very unlucky person.

➸ Y | Your favorite drink: Redbull.

➸ Z | Zodiac sign: Taurus.

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