Hey. Here is my ''writing challenge'', this is my first article about this so i hope you like it and heart it. A big thank you to lausacamina, she is so sweet and she helped me write this article.

-Think about a person you love and describe her/him.

She is the nicest person i ever met. Seriously i love her so much, she is the best person in my whole life after my family of course. Her name is Angela and..yup..she is my best friend and she will be my bff forever. She is there for everything : when im sad, hard moments for.. all the times i need her. Without her i think i cant live, my feelings about her are very powerful as you can see. I'm sure she hasnt tell anything bad about me and if she told i think she is regret now. Also, she is really funny, lovely, unique. She is clearly the sweetest person ever.