Hi wonderful people! ☼

I just saw this amazing #LanguageExchange idea from @soulonline

If you are interested in learning French, I can help you!

I live in Belgium and French is my native language! I also speak English easily (as you can see) so I can help you if you don't understand something in French ☺

To know a bit about myself, I'm introverted but super friendly. My interests are ballet, nature, animals, books, poetry, aesthetics, adventure and travelling!
My favourite books are Harry Potter, Narnia, His Dark Materials and the Hunger Games. I also like Star Wars but I'm not an expert haha! I'm also a big Disney fan!

My favourite city is Paris and I've been there like 6 times, as I live only three hours away by car from the City of Light.
I'm also into astrological and spiritual things. I'm a sun Taurus, moon Sagittarius and rising Pisces!

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I would be highly interested if someone can help me learn a little Hawaiian, Maori, Tahitian or another Polynesian language, I know it's not common but I really love the Polynesian culture and want to learn more about it!
But don't worry, if you don't speak these languages, you can also contact me! I would be very glad glad to chat with new friends in French or English and help them with these languages! ♡

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Feel free to check my profile and my articles if you want to know me about myself!

So, if you are interested in speaking the language of Molière, feel free to send me a message on We Heart It or on my Instagram account: @alliefuljourney!

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