Hello, the article of the day will focus on my siblings:
"Talk about your siblings"

I have 2 big brothers. I can't imagine my life without them (it's sappy, i know haha). We are not very close and they don't live with me anymore because they are in higher education. But, when they are at my home (during the holidays for example), we get along great (of course, we're still siblings and it would be boring without quarrels) and I often miss them. I think it's great to think that the only people we've ever lived with (like my older brothers, I've never been an only girl) are our siblings and we have lived together. The stupidities, the holidays, the games (hide-and-seek, board games, football, Kick-the-can), the galleys, the laughs, the memories all the childhood what. And since childhood is always a nostalgic time for everyone, we have at least people who make us remember it.

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I hope you enjoyed this very short article.
I apologize in advance if I made spelling mistakes, I'm French.