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I’ve been tagged by my friends Bel and Tess to do this amazing tag/challenge crapeated by @whatsyourpurpose. Their links are down below.

Sarah Pan
Sarah Pan
( bel )
( bel )

Let’s go!

★ Name

Trinity would be my name for no reason except that it’s similar to mine and I really like it. If I had choose another name, it would be that (but I still love my name now).

★ Physique

long black hair, straight (like mine now), I’ve dyed my hair before so maybe it may get dyed in the future of my character’s life

girl, starbucks, and makeup image fashion, beach, and girl image

honestly, I want a cool eye colour but I love my normal brown eyes so I’ll do this: one eye dark brown, the other a mix of all the colours (I can do that ok, this is fictional)

Temporarily removed eyes, eye, and blue image
not accurate, brown and specks of other different colours

short, slim

girl, home, and interior image Image removed

only ears pierced

Image removed makeup and beauty image

★ Style

casual style, unless when in battle/fighting/training, tomboyish, not very fancy except sometimes, depends on mood and seasons as well, mostly denim, hardly dresses and skirts

Temporarily removed clothes, fashion, and jeans image autumn, converse, and fall image girl, beauty, and coffee image girl, book, and reading image fashion, girl, and jeans image

★ Personality

intelligent, loyal, sometimes chill, stands up for herself and friends, brave, sarcastic, positive, honest, caring and on and on

fashion image fashion, girl, and vogue image book, fashion, and hairstyle image elsa hosk, model, and blonde image hailey baldwin, black and white, and model image fashion, girl, and coffee image

★ Likes

family, friends, dogs, music, books, adventure, movies/shows, food, playing violin (like me lol) and much more

girl, black and white, and style image book, reading, and library image girl, friends, and black image fashion, outfit, and style image dog, autumn, and fall image Image removed

★ Lives

⇘ somewhere in Alagaësia (not necessarily where it’s shown in picture)
⇘ somewhere in Middle Earth
⇘ a Federation starship (preferably the USS Enterprise)
⇘ 221B Baker Street
or another fictional world I love

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★ Quotes

there are many, obviously, but here are some

quotes image girl, quotes, and support image quotes, lord of the rings, and tolkien image Temporarily removed Image removed quote image

I was way too into this article and I want to thank the creator so much! I love creating characters and honestly this was so fun, as you can see by the excessive amount of stuff I wrote. I may do similar articles in the future too. I want to thank @whatsyourpurpose again for thinking of this idea!

Now I tag:

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