Guys, it´s already the middle of April and the weather is getting warmer and warmer. I don´t know why but summer hit us early here in Austria and I already feel like having summer holidays. So here are some things you can do outside to enjoy the sun.

Have a picnic

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Don´t forget the fresh fruits, we can finally have!

Do sports

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Isn´t it a lot more motivating outside?!


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At least that we can enjoy the sun, right?

Go swimming

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No matter at the pool, the beach or at the lake. Swimming is the epitome of warm weather!

Go hiking

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Maybe go hiking and reward yourself with an awesome view!


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Probably the best thing you can do!

Visit a city

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Go sightseeing or just stroll around :)

Have some ice cream

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Oh, how much I love ice cream <3


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The epitome of relaxing!

Go for a walk

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Something I love to do!

Play with your pets

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Literally the greatest thing!


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Have a nice trip somewhere!

Go to the zoo

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Zoos are not only for kids!


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Make your garden blooming


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Find some new places!

Go to an amusement park

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Spend an exciting day there!

Play mini golf

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One of my favorite things!

So that´s it and I´m definitely going to be doing some of these things as long as the weather will stay that warm! I hope you can also enjoy the time outside and maybe I could inspire you to do some of the things I recommended you!

Stay safe and have a nice day!
Yours Sylvia