Last week I had a surgery. Nothing big or scary just a simple procedure but due to that I have to stay in bed for 2 months. I can stand and walk but only for a few minutes because then I feel dizzy and I can not sit for longer than 10 minutes.

My exams are in 2 weeks and I am so nervus that I can nearly sleep at night. I am trying to study but the pain distructs me.I have studied a lot before the surgery because I knew that I wouldn't be able to study after so I have almost everything covered. I really hope that I pass to the university that I want. I wanna become a movie and theater director. Ambitious right?

Well, eversince I was a kid something atracted me to movies. I don't know maybe it's that you can make anything happen in a movie set. I mean ANYTHING. Just name it and it can be done. I grew up watching Disney and Picture movies and now I am stuck on a bed watching Grey's anatomy and other series and movies.

May 26th I'll be 18 and I will still be in bed. It is nerve recking that I was supposed to get my driver's lissence that date(where I live you can only drive at 18) and I can't even drive yet because I would have been learning how to if the surgery recovery wasn't happening which means that the surgery wouldn't happen but it couldn't wait, it was very ergent.

I am trying so hard to see the possitive side but I just can't.
I am not going to school wich means that I am not seeing my friends which are my support system. I can'teven sit which means that I can't draw, I can't dance, I can't play drums and I can't do the thing I love the most...I can't act.

Some of you may think that I'm lucky for being in bed all day but it's not like that...

That's it for now...let me know if you want an update or another article about anything since I have plenty of time to waste.