We've all heard the tragic news that Tim Bergling died at the age of 28. I want to write this because he has gone way too early.

His music inspired so many people, so many Dj's became famous because of him, for example. Nicky Romero. I think people should focus on the good things that he did instead of how he died or if he was depressed or not. Tim Bergling was amazing and i think that everyone thinks so too.

We should remember him as a sweet guy like Nicky Romero said on RTL late night. We should still listen to his music and we should be happy that we got to know him.

I first listened to him when I was 9 and his music made me so happy. I remember that i learned the lyrics of 'Wake me up' and that i could sing the whole song. Thank you, Tim, for that amazing feeling.

There's one thing that makes me sad. People are suddenly following him on Instagram and Twitter. He had 6,4 million followers on Instagram yesterday and right now he has 7.5 million. I think that that is just sad, People start recognizing him now.

Rest in peace and fly high, Tim Bergling.

Live a life you will remember.
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