Last year, in arts class, I did a presentation about the Vogue magazine and now I know so much about it, that I thought I'd share some facts with you.

Everyone knows about Vogue nowadays, because they are the most influential fashion magazine of the world.


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Vogue was established in 1892 by Arthur Turnure. It was in honour to celebrate the ball of the 400, a community of the richest people of New York, at that times.


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When Condé Nast bought the magazine, the success began to grow.


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Today, Anna Wintour is the chief editor.


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In total, on the main Vogue, only eight men appeared on the cover, including Zayn or Kanye West.


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The Vogue has some extra magazines, like Teen Vogue, Men's Vogue, The Shape Issue and The Age Issue.


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The first black model, Beverly Johnson, was on their cover in 1974.


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They featured the most popular photographers. At researching, I found out, that one of them, Arthur Elgort, is the father of the actor Ansel Elgort, whom you might know of the movie The Fault in Our Stars.


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Today, the Vogue is being published in more than 20 countries.


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The title, Vogue, comes from the phrase of something being en vogue, meaning something is currently in fashion and popular.


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Their biggest competition is and always has been the magazine Harper's Bazaar, also a very popular and influential fashion magazine.


Vogue also has a youtube channel with the series 73 Questions with..., which is always very entertaining and informative about the celebrities.


Beside of fashion, the magazine also talks about architecture, design, celebrities, culture or other entertainment topics.


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Some famous movies about the magazine exist, for example The Devil wears Prada, with Meryl Streep portraying Anna Wintour.


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Until 1924, they didn't have models to show off the fashion, so the wife of the photographer always had to stand in front of the camera.


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Last year, the Vogue celebrated its 125th anniversary with a special issue, featuring different models on the cover, to celebrate diversity. The cover was very controversial, because people claimed that the models still all had the same body type (even though Ashley Graham, a plus size model, was also on there) and there was no really black model. And, by the way, there were rumours that Gigi's arm was photoshopped, to make Ashley Graham look thinner...

This concludes the list of 15 Facts about Vogue. I decided to make a series of those articles with 15 Facts about..., the ones I already wrote are about Dylan O'Brien and Shawn Mendes.

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