She read in the train
Because maybe like that her problems will fade away
She smiles through the pain
Thinking that she wasn't good enough to make him stay
She cries at night
Wondering if she had done anything right

He broke her heart
in two
Without knowing what he'd done
He kissed her
And she just watched
While her heart
Shatter in two
He never notice her
And that's the reason why she is fading away

She tried to recover
She tried harder than you will ever know
She tried but she couldn't be the same
She was never the same

Because he broke her heart,
and didn't even knew it
He made her the most miserable girl on earth
And he didn't even notice
He made her cry
And he didn't wipe her tears

She was broken
She would never recover
She would never be the same
She could never be the same

And now she knew why they call it crush
Because it crushes everything you are
It crushes
Your soul
Your heart
Your life
And you can't do anything because they were never yours.

xxxLonely Girl