// hello, this is my first article here (sry if its bad lol) //

so here are five dramas i really love and i think you should check them out.

[ 1 ] circle
genres: mystery, sci-fi, investigation
cast: yeo jin goo, kim kang woo, gong seung yeon, lee kikwang
mdl rating: 8.8/10
my rating: 10/10

circle, kdrama, and yeo jin goo image circle, kdrama, and lee gi kwang image

[ 2 ] suspicious partner
genres: comedy, law, romance, investigation
cast: ji chang wook, nam ji hyun, choi tae joon, nara
mdl rating: 8.4/10
my rating: 8.5/10

ji chang wook image couple, drama, and korea image

[ 3 ] it's okay, that's love
genres: psychological, comedy, romance
cast: jo in sung, gong hyo jin, sung dong il, lee kwang soo, d.o
mdl rating: 8.8/10
my rating: 10/10

it's okay that's love and kiss image Temporarily removed

[ 4 ] the master's sun
genres: comedy, horror, romance, drama
cast: so ji sub, gong hyo jin, seo in guk, kim yoo ri
mdl rating: 8.8/10
my rating: 10/10

couple, kiss, and Korean Drama image master's sun image

[ 5 ] another miss oh
genres: comedy, romace, melodrama
cast: eric, seo hyun jin, jun hye bin, ye ji won, kim ji suk
mdl rating: 8.5/10
my rating: 10/10

eric mun, another miss oh, and seo hyun-jin image drama, korean, and kdrama image

*mdl - mydramalist

so thats for now hehe
i'll probably write more articles about kdramas in the future so follow me if you are interested <3