The first day I was introduced to Tim I was in 9th grade and wake me up was playing. I didn't have the chance to ask the name of the music or the artist. The next time I heard it-it was 2 in the morning and my mom was singing to it and the song got stuck in my head.

I decided to hunt for the artist on YouTube and came across Avicii and because of him, I knew Calvin Harris and David Guetta, etc.

Every summer Avicii would usually drop a new single and I can say he has never failed me yet because every one of his music had a positive impact on my life and I would feel like doing something wild and risky, but fun.

Avicii thank you for being a big, big part of my teenage years and for helping me get through those depressing days. Because of you, I was able to see life from a different point-of-view. Your lyrics influenced me to live with no regrets, live now and do whatever you want cause you never know when you're gonna die. Even in sickness, you found a way to live your life to the very end.

The fact that you're no longer with us, no longer in this world left me feeling appalled. I feel sorry for those who never knew you or got the chance to. Your creativity will be thought to future generations.

You truly did make a change in this world if only you could see it. To me, you were always a lamp burning non-stop and you always will be.

To be honest Avicii had that kind of music that made you feel as though you're not the only going through the same problems and due to this I felt relieved and accepted.

As you said in your song Live A Life You Will Remember I really hope you got the chance to live a life we will remember.

This is something I can't seem to get over, don't think I will either. Right now I'm wishing someone can go live and say Avicii is not dead this is fake...
_R.I.P. Legend, we love and miss you.😭