hey guys, i wanted a place to put my goals for this year so i hope u guys enjoy this lil article

goal 1 - make new friends

since year 7 i have always kept the same small friend group of just me & 3 other girls. i love them to bits and we get along so well except sometimes i do wish for a break from them as it can get a little tiresome hanging out with the same people all the time. so i hope by the end of this year to have made at least 2 or more close friends

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goal 2 - find something i love

i have always struggled in finding a hobby or sport that i am passionate about and that i enjoy, so this year i will take on as any many extra curricular activities until i find something for me ( i actually did my school musical earlier this year and i think that may be one of my passions)

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goal 3 - reinventing my style

most of my clothes are still from when i was back in year 6 & 7 meaning they are nothing like what i would want to be wearing. this goal may take a while since i have to earn the money to buy new clothes, but hopefully i will have my desired wardrobe by the end

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goal 4 - caring less about what people think

often before i walk out of the door i considered how people will look at me and possibly judge my outfit or my hair or just me in general. i find that being self-conscious makes life so much more less enjoyable

goal 5 - being more adventurous

the only things i have do on the weekends is shopping or going to the beach but i really have the urge to go biking or hiking maybe doing something a little more daring

goal 6 - being a better person

last year i found myself judging people a little too much. this year i have learnt that that was not okay & i have come along way in going out of my way to help others

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