Day 12: Make a list of 3 of your favorite TV series

1) Stranger Things

For those of you who don't know, Stranger Things is sci-fi series that takes place in the 80s about 4 boys in Hawkins, Indiana and meet a special friend with special abilities to explore a parallel universe in order to find one of them who has gone missing. This special friend can do amazing things to defend her friends, and not to mention having a strong love for eggos!

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2) American Horror Story

American Horror Story can be kind of confusing for many people. I honestly didn't get it at first, but I still loved all of the seasons. Each season has a different story, different settings and all different characters. If anyone asks if you watch it, you basically have to tell the best and worst season and why. For me, the season "Asylum" was the worst. I just found it boring and didn't like any of the characters, except maybe 2. The story to it was just lame. The season I would recommend would be Murder House or Coven. Just having those as a title doesn't really need much explaining. But those are considered the top favorite seasons.

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3) Supernatural

A summary; two brothers who are "hunters," who take down monsters. Angels are dicks, demons are misunderstood, Lucifer is attractive, God is a deadbeat and bisexual dad who left, and the King of Hell (not Lucifer) befriends the brothers and someone is crushing on the one angel who we can always depend on. Not convincing? The supernatural fandom has a gif for literally ANYTHING. And our theme: Carry On Wayward Son

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