I love feedback so don't be shy~ also if any of you feel like talking about random shiz, I'm your gal. Here we go:

What am I supposed to feel like?
Where is right supposed to be at?

Is it right the way I feel?
Is it right the way my heart so easily flutters?
Is it right how I cant seem to want anything but to be around you?
Is it right the way my smile falters when I realize what it means?

What does it mean?
Does it mean that I'm any less?
Does it mean I was born with the unforgivable difference?
Does it mean that I am not like you?

Why...is it so hard?
Why...is it so confusing in the first place?
Why...is it so terrifying?

Why does me being myself determine your love for me?
Why do my choices determine whether I CAN be loved?
Why is it that sometimes that fluttering isn't from love...but from fear?

I grew up in not hatred but hesitancy of myself
A distance put by my family and society that I am still scared to cross to find me

A fear settled into me only lessened a little when I grew up
A fear magnified when the denial slips up a little bit
A fear strongly in me that keeps me messing up

Who am I?
Why did I let all of you keep me from knowing the answer to that?

Happiness is right there
You're the reason I'm scared to take it