Hello again! So when I first saw this it was on @enjoyalittle's account,and I automatically knew I had to do it. A couple years ago I created this version of me/character that I would use online, and knew everyone would love her. Ness Connor. Now, I'm going to make her come to life on here!


Ness Connor

Ness started from a fan fiction I was going to write. (One Direction, for the curious ones) Each of my real life friends where going to get a character with a fake name and mine was Ness. Ness' full name is Crisilis,which I got from a book we read in class, but forgot the OG name, so I twisted it around. Crisilis "Ness" Connor


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Ness' hair is like her personality ,dreams and favorite color: big and pink. And of course, curly, like my natural hair.
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Ness can pull off brown eyes(her OG) or grey eyes, depending on if she is wearing her contacts. (Which I do in real life.)
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Ness is tall,5'7 to be exact.
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I'm mixed, and for a long time, I didn't like that about myself. I didn't find my skin color beautiful. Ness truly did help me with that. I still have a lot of things I don't like about myself, but my skin is not one.


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This is Ness' casual styles. It's calm, relaxing and has a hint of boho.
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More formal outfits Ness might wear.
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Ness usually sports a dewy, glowing, natural makeup look,but will sometimes go glam.


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Ness is smart, funny, optimistic, romantic, adventurous, kind(to the best of her ability) ,curious, eager, and independent. She is not - Organized, always right, always the nicest person, or quiet.

What Ness likes

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context_query=street+band&context_type=search Ness enjoys writing,traveling,reading, music, plants, and above all, Christ.

Where Ness lives

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Ness lives in a studio apartment that has a clean, white, botanical/vegetation feel to it in her dream city, London. (She's from the USA )

Quotes Ness lives by

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Thank you so much for reading! Ness is and will always be dear to my heart. She is the inner me that I've always strived to be!

Cover is @Lorae13's