I honestly gotta say this is the most shocking news I've received since 2018 started. It's really tragic how all this came to an end so soon, you didn't deserve to die so early. Your music helped me through all my bad phases and gave me courage that no matter what we should always be happy, take risks and live in the moment especially during the summer(was really hoping he'd release another dope music this summer).

You came left footprints on our hearts and now we will never ever be the same. Who knew he was silently suffering while he was trying to help us break free and live life the way we should. Everything about him inspired me to do and feel better; his lifestyle, the lyrics to his songs, even the rhythm had an effect on my life.

Know Y'all won't believe me but I wrote this article with a broken heart, feeling empty, with tears in my eyes, listening to the songs he left us with. From a Virgo to a Virgo thank you for such legendary albums. Your music lives on within us.

To show how much I appreciated and loved his production I selected 11 of his music that inspired me the most. Every Pic represents his life spent upon the earth.

wake me up, avicii, and quotes image
Wake Me Up-put this one first cause I feel as though I'm dreaming and this is a nightmare.
dj, Best, and songs image
Hey Brother
avicii, life, and the nights image
The Nights-the music that made me want to take risks and live like there's no tomorrow as if every day is your last.
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rip and avicii image
Without You
avicii, quotes, and waiting for love image
Waiting for Love
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
The Days
arrow, easel, and Lyrics image
Broken Arrows
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You Make Me
art, dj, and music image
Taste The Feeling
dj, you make me, and electropop image
You Are My Home

R.I.P Tim Burgling you will be remembered for the life you lived and not for the money you made. Saying 'Goodbye' is really hard indeed.😢😭