My brain tends to sleep a lot.
My body likes to stay still.
But I have to say, in my dreams, I move fast enough.
And I know its stupid and dumb.
And I know I should stop living in dream world.
But dream world makes me happy.
In dream world no body is judging.
Nobody cares how fast I'm walking.
And everyone is laughing.

Nightmares are a rare occasion.
Demons can become my friends.
And monsters are the best.
Nightmares can be nice, when its fiction and I can laugh.
When the monster is on my side, nothing can go wrong.
I know it won't last.

But then my brain wakes up.
The monsters have names.
The demons don't laugh.
Everyone laughs, and its not very nice.
So let me sleep, allow me to die.
I want to feel save, still if it means that I won't be around.