Its Christine,

Do you ever get those days when you just feel like crap and nothing can really make you feel better?
I just reassure myself that days will be better. Maybe not right now, but it will come. If you had a breakup with a friend or significant other, the pain will still be there. But you know you deserve better and learned from the people who came and left your life. Everyone has these days and you just need to be okay, that not everything is okay right now. You know you are great. Just try and focus on the next best thing coming your way. Go eat your favorite food, sing a song,hangout with people. You need to help yourself .Give yourself time to heal with you feeling crappy about yourself or just having a bad time. Life keeps going, no matter how much some people are struggling. All you got to do is just let things go with the flow.
That's all from me, MESSAGE ME!!

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Goodnight loves xxx