Hi everyone! A few hours ago I was scrolling through my home page when i found this really cool article, so I decided to do it.

  • I saw this article on this two profiles, so credits to the girls:


It's means "olive tree", it's a lovely Shakespearean name which sounds strong and feminine.

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Olivia has big brown eyes.

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Long brown hair.

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Small tattoos; one which looks like an olive leave behind her ear and a world map on her ankle.

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She's kinda fit and has an average height.

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Olivia is a free spirit. She is brave and loves challenges, she's badass, strong and has a sarcastic humour. But also Olivia's intelligent, caring, and a little bit messy. She loves her family and friends.

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She loves denim and her style is very relaxed and casual.

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Olivia has three best friends: Jade, Peter and Josh. Jane and Olivia are friends since kindergarten and they are very close. They met Peter and Josh on secondary school and they love being together. She's in love with Josh and he is in love with her but they don't want to ruin their friendship so they don't talk about it.

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What Olivia likes the most is travelling. She also loves reading, dancing, playing the drums and has an obsession with coffee.

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She lives on San Francisco with her parents and her baby brother. But due to the fact that her mother is from England, she and her family spent the summers on London.

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You come to the end of the article! Thanks for reading it, I had so much fun doing it. I hope you like it. :)

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