Hello! Today i have eight songs for you. In this playlist i put songs which i believe its rare a lot of persons had listened, so enjoy and as always they are from different genres.

  • Lost Frequencies - Here With You
When I saw you for the second time / Pain slowly dries, love lost its pride / Be careful as you leave
  • Allie X - Paper Love
Oh, I know that boy's gonna rip me up / 'Cause he ain't that nice, he won't do right / He'll leave a nasty cut
  • Amanda Delara - Gunerius (This one is from SKAM series <3)
Så jeg danser på roser, men jeg har torner i føttene
In english this would be: So I dance on roses, but I have thorns on my feet
  • Amanda Delara - New Generation
Waiting for the day to change / She didn't get a lot to say / Oh, they took her voice away
  • Kailee Morgue - Ghost Of Mine (This one if you put the speed in 1.25 sounds better)
I left a message on your phone / You never called me / I know I should leave you alone
  • Jake Bugg - Waiting Ft. Noah Cyrus
No, you never make it easy / Know it's hard to be strong / But all in good time / I can wait
  • Weathers - I Don't Wanna Know
I'm okay, thanks anyway / Don't need another dose of your misery
  • Angus & Julia Stone - Big Jet Plane
She said / "Hello mister pleased to meet you" / I wanna hold her / I wanna kiss her