Hello my lovelies!

I've been seeing these kinds of articles a lot lately and I just felt inspired to create one myself. Basically, the idea of this article is that I get to create myself as my very own fictional character. The way I see it, I'm creating someone I'd like to be and in a way, I'm creating my true self.

Pyurie's page is where I first saw an article with this idea but in her article, she mentioned that the idea was originally created by Sarah. I'll link their articles right here and I strongly recommend you to check them out as well.

I have a tendency to fall in love with the characters of the TV shows and the movies I watch so I'm really excited about this article. Now let's get started!

Name: Tessa
(yes, it's my real name but I just can't let it go)


black, body, and grunge image body, tatoo, and indie image kylie jenner, hair, and kylie image aesthetic, makeup, and eye image piercing, lips, and septum image Mature image
Pale, tattoos, orange hair, green eyes and piercings.


yellow, vans, and adidas image couple, eva, and kiss image black, shoes, and grunge image Image by Bina fashion, rose, and style image 90's, aesthetic, and body image

Fishnet tights, Vans, crop tops, heels, skirts, denim and ripped jeans.


girl, fashion, and style image Temporarily removed night, vans, and light image quotes, racist, and homophobic image sleep, black, and light image city, clouds, and grunge image
Adventurous, affectionate, righteous, confident, loves sleep and will speak up for the ones that have no voice.

What she likes

book, travel, and reading image goals, microphone, and music image art, girl, and painting image gaming, lol, and soft grunge image
Reading, singing, painting, drawing and gaming.

Where she lives

home, autumn, and decor image room, home, and study image Image removed book, reading, and light image
A nice apartment in New York or London with her girlfriend. The apartment is cozy and it's filled with warm colors and there are candles everywhere.

Quotes she lives by

Temporarily removed texxt image

Thank you for reading, I truly appreciate it!

With love,
Tessa .