paterson and adam driver image paterson image
this is a movie about a bus driver, paterson, who follows the same routine everyday. he also writes meaningful poems and has a beautiful, supportive wife. 10/10

dead poets society

quotes, poetry, and movie image dead poets society, movie, and robin williams image
i'm sure everyone has beard of this movie, but it's about a new teacher, mr. keating, who teaches english in a nontraditional way. he encourages his student to make the most out of their lives and seize the day. 10/10

call my by your name

oliver, call me by your name, and armie hammer image call me by your name, oliver, and love image
i'm sure this is another well known movie, but elio is a seventeen year old who develops and affectionate relationship with his father's research assistant. 10/10

kill your darlings

quotes, kill your darlings, and movie image kill your darlings and daniel radcliffe image
in this true story, allen ginsberg and david kemmerer share the same affection for classmate, lucier carr. but when kammerer is murdered, carr and his peers are arrested. 8/10


timothee chalamet image lady bird, movie, and Saoirse Ronan image
ladybird is a senior in high school trying to figure her way through life while battling the fate of her future with her mother. 9/10

the art of getting by

quotes, alone, and boy image Image by Alesia
a student who'd rather draw than do his schoolwork maneuvers his way through his classes, until he meets sally. 3/10

the basketball diaries

leonardo dicaprio, grunge, and boy image aesthetic and grunge image
this movie follows the true story of high school basketball star, jim carroll, who soon becomes addicted to heroin.

august rush

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musically talented orphan, evan, runs away from his orphanage in search of his birth parents. while doing so, a homeless man living in an old theater tries to profit from his talent. during this, evan's parents are looking for him too. 8/10


quotes, Heathers, and grunge image Heathers, 80s, and vintage image
high school student, veronica, is apart of a popular clique, but does not approve of their behavior. she becomes involved with a boy who begins to kill people he dislikes. veronica hurries to stop him before he kills everyone in the school. 9/10

hope you enjoyed :)