it's 21st of april and i want to show you guys the song i've been listening for the past few weeks. enjoy! x

ariana grande - no tears left to cry

my favourite line: "right now, I'm in a state of mind, I wanna be in like all the time."

i'm so proud of my girl hearing this song. it's really good.

troye sivan - strawberries & cigarettes

my favourite line: "long nights, daydreams sugar and smoke rings, i've been a fool but strawberries & cigarettes always taste like you"

this song i feel so close to, and it's kind of weird. anyway i can't wait for love, simon premiere in my country.

troye sivan - the good side

my favourite line: "the people danced to the sound of your heart"

so troye sivan runs my emotional life this month haha. i've watched "call me by your name" and i'm still shocked (i want the sequel bc oli wtf?!?!?) and i feel like this song is so poetic, aesthetic and emotional i really cried while listening to that so yh.

that's it for tonight, thank you and cya! xx