She keeps me warm

Light shines through the leaves of the trees casting a lace shadow over the sidewalk. I take wide strides to miss the crack in the pavement as I make my way down Silver Street. Today is the day. Today I’m going to see her, talk to her. I’ve been watching her, catching glimpses of her through my brother’s treehouse in the backyard. The treehouse which looks directly over Mulberry Park Gardens. But not just anywhere in this park, no. It looks directly into a forgotten place of the park, lost in time and forgotten to those who walk past.

I don’t know how to explain it, I mean, I’ve only seen glimpses of her. The slope of her shoulder between wild branches her strong yet delicate arms as she arches to grab something out of reach. I feel as though she is showing herself to me even though she couldn’t know I was there.

Standing at the tiny gap in the parks tall looming hedges, no bigger than my geometry notebook, I take a breath to steady my nerves. My hands shake slightly as I smooth my thick brown curls, as much as I can anyways, and stick one black Chuck at a time through the gap.
Once inside I have to adjust to the sudden dullness of the tiny winding forest ahead of me. I know just the way to go. Headed towards the maple at the center moving quickly I can see the leaves looking freshly dipped in an orange glow of autumn when I hear a twig snap. Everything I am has stopped, my body, soul, and breath. This is it. I slowly turned towards the sound, but there was nothing there. I kept turning suddenly finding my breath I said: “Won’t you come out?” I can’t believe I just said that who am I freaking snow white? She’s going think I’m four and lost my mommy. A small rustle and then just her voice “Lost are you? How unfortunate for you but your such a pretty young thing I just might have to keep you.” Her voice was like a vanilla scented breeze across my skin, I shivered. I still can’t see her though. “I’m not lost. I came here…” my heart was racing “I came here to see you.” I closed my eyes and waited. My cheeks were flaming; I could feel the heat spread to my ears when I felt it. Her breath, just across the bridge of my nose I could feel the heat of her mixing with my body’s own.

My eyelids were starting to relax; I parted my lips just before she spoke “Keep them closed! Just for a bit longer, I want to look at you while you're still lively and full of color.” I whispered slowly “Okay.”
“Tell me your name maiden.”
I licked my lips, suddenly with a dry throat I got out “Melody.”
“Ahh,” she said “A fine name for a beautiful song such as you, I might enjoy keeping you around to look at.”
I could feel her nudging me backward without actually touching me slowly I paced backward in time with her. Suddenly I felt another nudge at my back, reaching behind me with my right hand I felt something strong but not alive. It was rough and gritty. A sculpture? “Tell me why you came here to see me as you say?” I didn’t really know the answer, but my mouth moved on its own “I just noticed you. I felt you and knew I needed to come to you.”
“Well I’m sorry my fair one, but I like you too much for you to leave” I felt her warm hands as she slid them up my neck and to the sides of my face, so gently they felt like whispers there. “Open your eyes beauty, I want to see you.” breathing out I slowly blinked them open and stared into golden eyes of fire with amber around the edges and I was lost. I felt a sharp pin in my chest as I looked at her, into her. She sucked in a breath. Her eyes began to shine, and tears flowed out of her eyes. I lifted my hands to catch them but instead found my hands caught by hers as she continued to stare.
I looked at all of her, her full mouth with a sharp cupids bow, her angular cheekbones and snakes gliding in a tangle across them silent and watchful. “Beautiful” I whispered as I untangled my right hand to catch another tear gliding to the corner of her nose.

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That was just the first day of many that we spent together under the suns glow. I kept going back, and she would tell me great stories of adventure and tranquility as we sat, cast in the shadow of the maple tree. Other days she would hold me and recite ancient words in a language I did not know but felt it through her tongue. And yet another day that I would hold her and stoke my hands through her scaled hair as she spoke of betrayal and fear. All this time and I know what I already knew the first day I looked into her eyes and her mine. I love her, and when she kisses me, I go warm like honey in the sun. And when I kiss her, I pour myself into her until she is full. I never want her to feel emptiness again.

Thanks for the read everyone! This story is based on Medusa mythology. If you have any comments or things to share feel free to message me. Check out the writing competition and join, rules below and give some love to the other violetwrites articles!

luck and love, Olivia