Winter is gone, but I still be feeling chills.

Protect yourself while looking stylish. Ain't nobody look cute sick.

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Over-sized windbreaker jackets.
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Peep the brands: nike and adidas. Along with track jackets, branded windbreakers add to the athleisure aesthetic.
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Colour with diagonal stripes gives me Fresh Prince of Belair vibes.


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Baseball caps look best with hair out or in a low ponytail.
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Visors look best with updos.
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Beanies look best with hair out, low ponytails, or low tight buns.

If you don't like hats or don't have any ones that fit the look, you can rock it without. Try one of these hairstyles:

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Hair out.
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Low styles.
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Half-up, half-down.
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A light dewy, natural look is great for spring.
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Illuminating blush, lip liner with gloss, brow gel, and concealer.


Because your arms will be covered up (unless you roll up the cuffs), you should skip bracelets.

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Sunglasses or glasses.
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If your bottom is loose, you can opt for a belt. Wide, black belts look great with high-waist jeans.

For bags, you can wear backpacks to clutches, again, it depends on the look you are going for.


From bare-coverage to full-coverage.

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Sports Bra or Bralette
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Bandeau or Crop Top
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Bodysuit, camisole, turtleneck, or tee.

You can wear a large t-shirt for a casual, laid-back look.

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Wearing it zipped-up is its own style.


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Active-wear bottoms.

You could wear a skirt or a dress as well, but personally I think you need to be aware of style, fit, and length with those.


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No heels.
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Heels and boot(ie)s.


Want to purchase one? I've listed some similar ones. I have not included links.

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Similar: Forever 21's "Good Times Windbreaker"
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Similar: Forever 21's "Active Windbreaker Jacket" in Pink/Blush
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Similar: Asos' "Nike Colour Block Windbreaker Jacket"

To jazz your outfit up:

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Add colour and/or print.

If your windbreaker is simple, wear stripes, plaid, or mesh underneath.