Hey guys! I didn't do this one yesterday because I was really busy so here I am doing two articles today. Anyway, I'll link the original challenge for anyone who's interested.

Day 19 - If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why.

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As a latina, if I could live anywhere else in the world besides L.A., I would move to Colombia. Every latin culture has different traditions and food, which is something that sounds fun to learn about and explore.

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To be more specific I'd probably live in Barranquilla or Cartagena. Colombia is such a beautiful place that is definitely in my bucket list.

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Plus, in my opinion at least, the most beautiful women come from Colombia. The best coffee, is also from Colombia. There are many great things about Colombia, not just the food, but also the landscapes, the nature. I'm in love with Colombia and I've never even been there before.

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That was all for this question. See ya later.

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