So I think I'm going to start writing a series of articles about my favorite everything. here we will have my favorite tv shows.

The Big Bang Theory

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Do I detect sarcasm?

It is one of my favorite show because the characters are soooooo funny and they make me feel good.


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Ugh. Men are unbelievable.

This one is actually such a classic. I've literally watched it about 5 times.

The Office

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Occasinally,I'll hit someone with a car. So sue me.

My second favorite classic. The first episodes of the first season might be a little less funny, but once you're really into it, it's one of the funniest tv show ever.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

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Kim, can you stop taking pictures? Your sister is going to jail.

I've always been in love with this family, and I just think they are the sweetest and nicest family, no matter what people might think.

SO that was it. hope you like it!