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I rush down the highway blasting Lorde through my speakers. The sun paints my skin pink and orange as it slowly ducks behind the mountains, and the wind is whipping my hair back. The motorcyclist next to me sees me dancing and grinning and he gives me a grin and a thumbs up.

Life is brilliant

I wake up and gasp, stumbling to sit on my knees with my face smushed against my window because Jupiter is right there, bright and prominent. I see a familiar pattern of stars and pull my phone up to confirm what I was seeing. Yes! Jupiter was in Scorpius. I roll off my bed and rush to bust open my sister's door. When I tell her to look at Jupiter, she throws her pillow at me and tells me to shut up. But my dog hears me, and follows me back to my bed where we sit there and watch Jupiter until the sun rises.

Life is brilliant

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I walk hand in hand with Phoenix and Blondie out of some guy's mansion. The sky is clear but my mind certainly isn't. They tell me I have to act normal but all I can do is giggle, and when I see a group of girls walking towards us, wearing all white like a body of angels, I stop and talk to them.

"Hi guys. You look so beautiful. I wanted to let you know that the music sucks but the party is good. It's really good."

Then they smile at me and hug me and thank me. And when we drive off and see cop cars heading towards the mansion, I guffaw.

Life is brilliant

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I stare at the brightness of the moon, unable to look away because of how much I missed her after days of cloudy nights. I can see Venus not too far away from it, and surrounding them were stars, twinkling like glittering glass. I turn around to face Dimples and ask her what's on her mind. When she says, "you," I duck my face and she laughs.

Life is brilliant

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There are so many moments in my life... in our lives that are brimming with color and laughter and love. With crude jokes and kisses and dizzying car rides. You just have to be quiet enough to notice them. To really notice and appreciate the uniqueness of it all. This life is too short to live in your head. In order to enjoy it, you have to be in it. You must absorb every laugh. Every hug. Every single smile. Fill your reserves so when all you can see is grey, you'll have a reminder that there is more to come.

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When my eyes are red and burning and Phoenix and Blondie pull me into a hug, our heads clash and a laugh slips out. Amidst our hugging, a short joke about Phoenix is made, Blondie complains about her abs hurting from pilates, and suddenly they're bickering about whether to go out for Chipotle or phở. I can only look at the two of them and know that yes, life hurts, but it's nothing short of brilliant.

I love you,

Ariel's "I love life" Playlist:
♡ Genesis - Grimes
♡ Don't Dwell. - Barnacle Boi
♡ If I'm Dancing - Britney Spears
♡ All The Stars - Kendrick Lamar & SZA
♡ To the Moon - Smokepurpp
♡ No Tears Left To Cry - Ariana Grande
♡ Perfect Places - Lorde
♡ For You - Gavin James J.U.D.G.E Remix
♡ Green Light - Lorde