Stereosonic, 2012. It was a fantastic line-up that year - Avicii, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, among others - and I wanted to see as many of them as I could. The day was warm but cloudy at times. When Avicii came on stage for his set, it was grey and overcast and drizzling a little. I recall seeing him in person for the first time and thinking of how young he looked.

His music thundered out throughout the grounds and it was so great. One thing I've always loved about Avicii's music is how it can evoke so much joy and feeling and a certain something that other EDM didn't quite have. I remember seeing it in the faces of the people around me as we laughed and danced and sang in the rain.

At some point, the rain stopped, the clouds cleared enough for the sun to make its presence known, and the sunshine came through. I could sense the surprise around me in the sudden change of weather, and the incredulousness of it happening in the middle of listening to one of the greatest EDM artists of all time! I'll never forget that moment.

Thank-you for providing the music of our summers, our youth, and contributing your magic to the soundtrack of our lives.

Rest in peace, Tim Bergling.