hey im a girl named tyler. shocking, i know. so if you don’t know I’m obsessed with music, and its really therapeutic for me. I make a lot of articles centered around music, i listen to music, i make music, and i write music (the lyrics, i suck at reading music rn lol), music music music. To help me satisfy my music kick (music is seriously a drug) i just thought of a concept I know I’d really enjoy, and I think you will too.

How this will work:

Basically what I’ve decided to do is make a different spotify account just for making other people’s playlists. If i enjoy the playlist I make for you enough I’ll put it on my actual Spotify account and/or make an article about it here on weheartit. I doubt I’ll refuse to make any playlists but lemme just say here that I do reserve the right to turn you down. Don’t anticipate that though because I doubt it’ll come down to that.

What do you need to do:

So if you’d like for me to make you a playlist just message me here on weheartit. Tell me things you like that you think I can transfer into a playlist for you. Do you like gossip girl? Indie sounds? Reggae vibes? Do you like lilacs? Whats a band you like? Let me know if you’d want a specific genre or a huge jumble of different sounds you think you’d enjoy. I’ll eventually make the playlist. Give me your name and I'll send you the link. I enjoy making titles so feel free to leave that up to me but if you'd like to request a specific one be my guest.

If I get some requests I’ll make the new spotify account dedicated to y’all like i mentioned earlier so hmu asap guys!

update: here's the link to playlists created for y'all


Here’s my personal spotify link if you wanna follow or stalk my playlists lol


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Song recommendation of the day:

End of Time - Beyoncé

Verse of the day:

Song of Solomon 4:7 niv
You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you.

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