I decided to write you what I was thinking about.
I had no idea where to start from.
I had many things to say but I didn’t know which one was more important.
I thought of writing about how you have changed my life but then I chose to write about you, about me, about what happened to us.

I know we were different. We were the sun and the moon. And although the sun needs the moon and the moon likes to come out when the sun is shining, they can’t be together.
What I’m trying to say is that we were very different and our differences slowly teared us apart.

I know every person has a time for everything and I also know everything happens for a reason.
I don’t know if we are meant to be together but I’m pretty sure we were for a time.

We had changed a lot. Being together has changed you and me. And now, we are going through different things. I feel there’s not much I can’t do for you or you for me because it’s very difficult to understand each other.

All of this has me thinking about everything we used to talk about and all the things I haven’t told you. I wish I would have found the words to tell you how important you were (and still are) to me.
But for now, all I can do is waiting to meet you in my next dream; the only place I can still hug you.