Hello lovely hearters! Today @millieseconds is here with the fourth part of the WHI Feature.

I know first hand how much effort people put into their social media accounts and how it can be hard to find this one account which has everything making you go like "#Goals!!"

  • accounts with this awesome and aesthetic feed
  • accounts which post regularly at the same time not 100 posts a day
  • accounts which have perfectly organised and lovely collections

So guess what, there are some very lovely accounts out here in WHI that can give you everything! No need to go on tumblr or Instagram for a scavenger hunt!

So lets get started,

♛ Whispiral presents WHI Feature pt 4 ♛

━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━ ━━

☾ D A H I A N D R A || @dahiandra

It’s quite impossible to miss the wonderful @dahindra. She provides her followers with different content. I found her through her article! Go check her out!

Some of her content!

☾ H E L L E N || @Hellen_italiangirl

Another talented writer! Hellen gives her follower lovely content and different images that follow different themes. I like her articles the most! Great content!

Her content!

☾ O L I V I A || @solflori

olivia is someone who i think has the best aesthetics. She hearts very aesthetic images which makes her feed look like goals. She totally deserves to be featured. With almost 40k followers and counting makes her an inspiration for many!

mirror, girl, and fashion image home and interior image summer and travel image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
some of her hearts and posts!


Thank you for so much for reading!

And if you guys have any suggestions for any other profiles you think i should feature do let me know! i'd be happy to take in your consideration.

- Millie (@millieseconds)


o l i v i a
o l i v i a