Thank You, Avicii.

Dear Tim,

Thank you. Thank you for introducing me to electro. Thank you for making me love this. Thank you for making me discover a world to which I had only aprioris and prejudices. Thank you for making me dance for 7 years non-stop. Thank you for touching me so much with your song "Addicted To You". I liked it so much that I made my name on this site.
I was looking for a name that sounded good and that would still make me anonymous. A name that defined a situation that I was facing for the first time : true love. And guess who’s song I was listening ? Yours, Tim.

Thank you thank you so many times for cheering me up with your sounds during my college years. Thank you for keeping me from getting bored during my classes too; I hummed and wrote the lyrics of your songs in my notebooks.

You know, every time I listened to a song of you, I did not like it. At least at the beginning. I forced myself to listen, to understand people who said you were the best. And then I understood with "Levels". I was 11 years old and I did not know anything about your world. And it must be said, you touched me in my heart.

I would have liked to be in the place of people who have already seen you in concert. I jealous them very very very much right now. These people who have already seen your passion, your desire to transmit your music, to make them dance. Who have seen you closely, and who may have been able to decipher who you really were? The opportunity was unfortunately not presented and it breaks me. Because there will be never again.

Thank you Avicii. And rest well, because you deserve it.