All greek Gods with somewhat "modern" aethetics and personality

Sorry for any typing errors, english is not my original language

the "dad". responsable af. has sex, a lot. no chill. sings pop songs in the shower. always trying to keep everyone alive. stargazing at 3am

quotes, father, and aesthetic image grunge, nature, and oops image magic, blue, and power image guy, male model, and short image Temporarily removed fantasy, power, and lightning image boy and indie image percy jackson, aesthetic, and book image

surf. blue, blue, blue. has 4 girlfriends. spends more time at beach than at home. kinda slow. likes sharknado. likes a girl that doesn't like him. loves cake

math image water, hands, and blue image blue, shark, and fish image boy, window, and aesthetic image boy, summer, and surf image percy jackson, aesthetic, and book image Temporarily removed flow, grunge, and water image

emo af. likes to runaway w/ his girlfriend. black is his religion. skater king. smells of cigarretts. dark humor. long walks away from everybody. deep conversations at 2am

black, aesthetic, and grunge image dog, black, and animal image Temporarily removed skull image Halloween image boy, alternative, and grunge image black and white and boots image percy jackson, aesthetic, and book image

the brains. bleeds caffeine. doesn't cook. the library is her true home. don't talk to her if she's hungry. sarcastic af. shut up guys. doesn't date a lot. feminist bb

sherlocked, accessories, and anderson image Image removed kiss, art, and white image book, art, and aesthetic image school, study, and college image Image removed aesthetic, burn, and fire image percy jackson, aesthetic, and book image

bisexual af. super hot. loves his hair more than his life. has a band. is better than u at everything (but school ofc). will most likely steal your gf or bf. super chill. loves to argue w/ his twin sister

Temporarily removed creative, true, and art image Image removed percy jackson, hoo, and will solace image boys, kiss, and male image Temporarily removed percy jackson, aesthetic, and book image fashion, jacket, and leather image

fight me af. bad boy. does irresponsable shit that will get you kill. the protective brother. short temper. loves his motorcycle. bruises. leather jackets are his thing. boxing champ

Image by Anabelle White Lyrics, blackveilbrides, and heartoffire image Abusive image headers, charlie puth, and blood image couple and icon image Temporarily removed percy jackson, aesthetic, and book image boy and guy image

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