I have seen every shade of university, the good and bad, the political and
the plastic, greedy and lonely, the depressed and the suicidal side of the university.

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I am not saying university life is bad, instead, i am going to say that univ life was the best phase till now, I got to learn. i got to feel and most importantly i got to grow. I have been through the whole phase of it, and i am here to enlist the 5 things to do when you feel like you are about to break.

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1) Read

What you like, don't force yourself to read novels and fictional stuff. I love to read about historic textiles and museums. but it doesn't mean you should opt for it too. Read about music if you love music or read a newspaper if you love to know what is going around the world or you are into joining debates, you will find many topics to share thoughts with your friends. Read anything, what i meant to say is, Read- Just read!!! In uni you are being exposed to books for about 5 years. Cherish it. In libraries, we can find the most expensive Theorotiacl books, read them.

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2) Dance and Music

Dancing can bring out your inner emotions, like for me it's not a good option when i'm not alone. I tend to lock myself and dance on tracks that i used to listen to when i was small. and usually, dance like boys do which I cannot do in front of my classmates. University people can judge you so chose your friends wisely.

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Music: Expand your knowledge regarding this area. I am the kind of person who loves to sing, music describes me and music has always been with me since my deepest and darkest of times. DON'T LISTEN TO THE KIND WHICH YOU THINK YOU DISLIKE OR DON'T LIKE. LISTEN TO WHAT YOU LIKE . GO FOR WHAT DESCRIBES YOU
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3) Smile

smiling is good for you and to the one whom you are smiling too. A smile has the power of diffusing anger and hate. So smile more often. Laugh at silly things or be around those who can make you laugh.

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4) Wander

All around the place gather knowledge from the sounding. Breath and live, don't let the grades pressure you.

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True knowledge or practical knowledge comes from our experiences and exposure to moments. Go out have fun either alone or with someone; because this time won't come back. RUNAWAY AND LEARN
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5) Help and Share

Share what you just read, saw or did, this will help you to find the people who share the same mindset as you. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

This will help you to attract people who are similar to you.

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Be mentally strong, don't let the social competition drag you down. A task done, is better than Perfect.


Open your voice, and let the correct people love and accept your true beautiful self.

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-Nilanjana Rai