I was never anything special to you
but I thought you were one of a kind
I was just a passing fancy to you
but I couldn't just leave you behind

I will treasure our memories
I will treasure how happy you made me
while you still cared

you had the power to make me whole again
you had the strength to get rid of my pain
just by talking to me, seeing me,
laughing with me and staying close
while you still cared

And I must admit it's hard to figure out why
I deserved this kind of fate
Cause I really don't think
there's that much wrong with me

Maybe to you, we were only a moment
maybe, you don't get attached like I do
maybe, love has never been that important to you
But I'm not like you

Maybe, you thought it was strange
to have feelings appear so quick
but I was only trying to help
I thought loving you more would've
cured your brokenness inside
and made you happy

I always wanted to help you,
but you refused to let me guide you
you didn't have faith in me
you didn't believe in my abilities

And I must admit it's hard to figure out why
I deserved this kind of fate
Cause I really don't think
there is that much wrong with me

The future I imagined with you
was filled with happiness and possibilities
The future you imagined, I had no part in,
because I wasn't hard to leave behind

But even after all the pain and misery
I've gone through, missing us, missing you
I wish you only the best
that is why this text
ends with a direct message
I have much to say

You think you're nothing, you think you're not worthy
but my goodness trust me,
when I say you've been hurt by monsters

Please listen to me, for once trust me when I speak
only someone truly vicious, could hurt an angel like you
only someone truly blind, would choose not to keep you

Please know, that any kind of good feelings
have barely ever been a part of me
Please know, I was never taught how to love
only how to take, how to use

You made a cold heart feel warmth again
You turned a greedy, selfish girl
to something better
to someone more admirable
I'd still do anything you asked me to

So just please remember on a bad day
that you were able to change someone's life
and make them truly happy

Just because you don't see things like I do
and just because you don't care about me,
doesn't mean I can't be right about you.