Hello, guys! So I decided to create a little article series called Alter Ego that details the personality traits of the people in my alternative universe. It may sound weird, but I've always found comfort in creating characters in my head who are different from me, ranging from the way they dress, talk, act, etc. The amount of hearts and reactions I get on these articles doesn't matter to me, but feedback is much appreciated!
I hope you all enjoy. xoxo
Her looks are nothing compared to her mind.
Beautiful on the outside, ugly and destructive on the inside.
What's hidden behind that pretty freckled face of her's? What stories remain concealed in those dark seductive eyes?
Iris is secretive and isolated. She bottles up all her feelings and doesn't allow anyone to drink them . . . to take in even just a tiny sip of what she's going through, as well as all of her mistakes and all of her sins.
Iris instead keeps the bottle frozen in her mind until she's frozen herself. Frozen with fear for what the future might hold. Frozen with sadness and anger.
That anger one day will cause the bottle to burst as she frees herself from the prison she locked herself up in: her mind.
Iris. Isolated. Rageful. Irate. Sinful.
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