The way he walked to me
The way he talked to me
The way he looked at me
Even the way he said good morning to me

It was different

I asked myself "why?"
Why are his actions so different now?
Why are you looking at me like this?
Why are those eyes looking so "different" to me now?

It's because he saw something that I even never saw in myself
my inner me who started to shine
the me I always wanted to be

But those eyes were mine all the time
I was not looking but he was already starring at me all the time and I haven't noticed them
I couldn't recognize myself anymore
He did something no one ever managed bevor
He touched my soul
He made me laugh
He laughed and cried with me
He made me giggle in times where I didn't wanted to smile

I opened my eyes again and looked in his eyes
He hugged me as thight as he could and we both feeled the connection between us
A bond that connected us in the most attractive way
and I couldn't believe that I found someone like you
I couldn't realise it

Until I looked in your eyes
A beautiful start in a new chapter of my life