maria here.
like many others, i've gone through some hard stuff a while ago.
after a long time of that kind of sadness, ur feelings just like fade away.
then u start thinking, how can u get ever back to feeling happiness ?

happy and sad image

im starting a series of the things what back then made me happy again, and still do, daily :


friendship, friends, and girl image

part 1 : get rid of the people who make you sad

start looking at ur live and pay attention to the moments when u laugh, r smiling and just having the time of ur life.
specially pay attention to the people who r u with those times.
--> HOLD ON TO THOSE PEOPLE - they r the ones who r gonna stuck with u

then look at the times u r sad. pay attention to the people who r negative, who make u feel unwanted, who criticize you and the things u do all the time, who r jealous, who don't care, who r self-centered and who keep disappointing u.
--> DISTANCE URSELF FROM THOSE PEOPLE - for me they were the thing what kept me in the past and in the agony


thanks for reading, posting again soon :)
-maria <3