Some of you may have heard and some may have not, but Avicii died. I still can't believe i'm saying this.. for those of you who don't know who he was just skip this text of mine and for those of you who know and care, hear me out. I can't help but share this unexpected pain with someone who shares it and understands. My first thought was that music of our century will never be the same. Because honestly, his songs were the beginning of electronic era and then everybody else came and continued building it up. Only when someone's gone we understand how big of a part they played in our lives. I remember i was deeply touched when i first heard and watched Wake me up and Hey brother. It was the first time a song had ever spoken to me so truthfully, and the best part - millions felt the same way. I would say that the quality of an artist lays in showing people they're not alone by taking the smallest, nameless but deepest feelings many of us share and transforming them into art familiar to each of our hearts. And with his music, Avicii was a master of it.

His songs pulled me out of the gutter so many times and made me just laugh it off because life's a game made for everyone, right? I could be out of it, pouring tears but when i heard those tones..all the clouds were gone, i could see the beautiful bright future i wanted for my sister and me, all the dreams i crumbled at the thought of not coming true, became clear as day. I found his music while i was in high school, i was changing then and i was lost and he could calm me every single time. He's an artist that made me believe in the bright side and beauty of youth. I simply cannot listen to Friend of mine and not smile. If all my biggest hopes and dreams were a song, it would definitely be that one.

In his songs, you can feel the wild spirit, the raw untamed youth and hope of all the lost but restless souls. The ones who won't settle until they've lived with all they've had. Don't forget that. What i wanted to say with this title is that being a '90s kid means something. It means we carry a legacy, it means we were growing up and being young in the greatest music era, i'm sure of it, because no one could've wanted to be wild and free more than we have. And the music we grew up with described it perfectly. Kids born in '99 are 19 now, which means the '90s kids aren't kids any more and it makes me kinda sad sometimes. But even sadder, is seeing them go. Don't be foolish, don't let life go so easily, don't be the one who goes too early. Don't forget you were made in the '90s, an era of rebellion, survival and hope. The world was changing as we were. We carry the strength, the hope, the restlessness and the wilderness, for inside each of you there's a flame that won't stop burning as long as your fierce hearts are free. I thank Avicii for understanding that and opening my eyes widely. There's a lyrics of one of his songs we all ought to live by and it says
'I know that there's a plan that goes way beyond mine
Got to step back just to see the design
The mind fears the heart, but the heart doesn't mind
No, I may not be perfect but I'm loving this life'

He'll live forever in every song created by his brilliant mind and in a legecay that is ours to keep alive. He may have left this world behind, but by living his life, he created something we all will remember. If he coud hear me somehow, i'd just thank him for what he'd done for all of us and how he made us feel. I just hope he knew how loved he was♡♡♡