Helloooo 💧 I don't know if I'm going to make this a serie with other inspiring women, but today I want to write about her. She is so young but so inspiring and her new song is BOMB so... let's start! 💋

♡ s t y l e

♡ hair

ariana grande, ariana, and black image Temporarily removed
Ari usually styles her hair with a ponytail or half-ponytail, always with straight hair

♡ what to wear

ariana grande, ariana, and yellow image ariana grande, ariana, and grande image
top: the shortest tops (she wears lace tops very often) or a large and comfy sweater
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down: high-waisted trousers to match with the top as I mentioned before, or a skirt
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shoes: I would describe her shoes style with 'GO BIG OR GO HOME' because she always wears very high boots... or sneakers but not very often
ariana grande and Queen image hairstyle, makeup, and singer image
jewelry: diamonds everywhere! She always wears that ring with the huge diamond

♡ nails

ariana grande image grunge, icons, and selena gomez image
they are usually round-shape, long and painted with light colors

♡ makeup

ariana grande, ariana, and arianagrande image Image by Little fashion Queen of disney ♛♛
Her makeup consists in black winged eyeliner and nude lipstick (burgundy if it's for something special)

♡ diet

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She's vegan! So many many veggies and fruit, her favorite are daikons, sweet potatoes and blueberries

♡ personality

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She's the cutest! So humble and smiley with everyone, and I also adore the fact that she is never vulgar.

I obviously don't write these kind of articles beacuse you have to be exactly like a celebrity, it's just to celebrate their beauty and souls! I don't want to be them, but I want to inspire myself to improve and be the better version I can so what I do to reach this is to admire them. ✨

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Hope you liked it! 💍
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