Today i write this article with sadness, respect, admiration and love. One of the greatest artist have left us, Avicii - Tim Bergling. He gave us so much magic, so much joy. I can´t believe its true..

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Avicii is one of my favourite artists. I remember listening to "wake me up" when it first came out, and i remember sitting there with tears in my eyes cause ive never heard a song that beautiful before. I just sat there with a smile on my eyes hitting replay the entire night.

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Since then ive always listened to Avicii, i even have my little playlist of him on spotify just because his music always helps no matter how im feeling.

I dont know how to explain this, but I didnt know how grateful I was to him. I think that if i had met him, i would´ve just burst into tears because i would´ve realized how much he meant to me. To me its not just music, its a comfort and help. Its magic. I will be forever grateful to him.

Today - he sadly passed away.. He will be forever with us through his beautiful music, always making us feel better. You were a wonderful person, thank you for being you, Avicii. Rest in Peace.

Here are some of my favourite songs of him;

Without you

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i remember listening to this and bursting out in tears - again - ive missed his music so much, and this was more than i could ever ask for.

Wake me up

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such beautiful song and lyrics..


step out into the dawn
you pray ’til, you pray ’til the lights come on
and don’t you feel like you’ve just been born?

What would i change it to

steady yourself even though
you´ve been falling
maybe youre falling
but youre still alive


im a million miles ahead of where im from
but there´s still another
million miles to come

I really love every single one of Avicii´s songs. The feeling of realizing there will not be another song of Avicii is heartbreaking, but im just really thankful for all the beautiful songs he´s made. Your songs will go on replay the entire night, remembering you. You will be deeply missed, again, thank you. ❤️

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