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I came across this wonderful idea, done by @whatsyourpurpose

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I've always loved reading books and imagine myself in the stories. So when I saw @whatsyourpurpose's article describing how she imagines herself as a fictional character, I just wanted to do it as well.

Basically, you have to create a character that you indentify with, or simply, someone you would like to be! I kept a lot of the things as in reality, but I picked a name I would like to have and some other details.

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Chloé Grace

blooming generosity


long blonde hair
⤜ freckles
⤜ green-blue eyes
⤜ tan

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⤜ white and pink
⤜ beachwear
⤜ bun and beach waves

summer, girl, and beach image jeans, fashion, and beach image body, denim, and fashion image girl, beach, and summer image


a great friend
⤜ romantic lover
⤜ adores her kids
⤜ big heart for animals

goals and friends image beach, blonde, and blue image Mature image dog, sunflower, and flowers image

What Chloé likes

⤜ gardening
⤜ reading
⤜ swimming

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Where Choé lives

A cute little house with her husband and kids somewhere near the beach

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Motto Chloé lives by

You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind.
- Joyce Meyer

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